Sunday, January 13, 2008

Disrespect, Ingratitude and Blasphemy

Once again, the New York Times proves that it is no stranger to insulting bad taste and astonishing cheek. Reporting on Bush’s mawk-o-rama tour of Holy Land holy sites, Times reporters, Steven Erlanger and Steven Meyers, adopted a respectful factuality when recounting Bimbo’s “emotional” and tearful visit to Yad Vashem. Bush, they wrote, called the experience a “... a sobering reminder that evil exists... “ as he “laid a wreath and lighted a torch as a cantor sang the Jewish prayer for the dead...” etc. etc.

But when it came to Bush’s wide eyed tour at the Sea of Galilee, Erlanger and Meyers could no longer contain their snide juices. Bush, they wrote, “... walk[ed] out onto a pier with two friars in brown robes, who pointed toward the spot where Jesus is said to have walked on the water, according to pool reports.” Pool reports. Cute. Apparently respect for other people’s religions doesn’t matter much outside of Yad Vashem.

(By the way, friars in brown robes are known as Franciscans; not that anyone at the Times knows or gives a shit about such alien distinctions. )

The Erlanger & Meyers article then went on to complain about the cost of Bush’s trip. Noting that Jerusalem had been under virtual lock-down during the Bush visit, the intrepid Times reporters groused that “ Israeli taxpayers spent about $25,000 for every hour that Mr. Bush was in the country for security expenses, not counting the loss of business.”

Oh the lost business!!! The humanity!!! We can hardly go on...

It’s beyond belief. Israel could hardly survive without US financial, military and diplomatic support. Billions of US taxpayer dollars are forked out to Israel in loan guarantees and grants. Military hardware and intelligence is shared. The US all but acts as apologist and agent for Israel in the Security Council. Bush is the most blindly pro-Israel president ever. He has endorsed the ghettoization of the West Bank (“contiguity”) and behind his so called “push for peace” is a de facto aquiesence in the long term Israeli push for colonization.

Erlanger and Meyers are lucky most other Americans are too damn stupid to realize when they’ve been mule-kicked in the butt.

But the Oscar for impudence must certainly go to those settlor Jews who paraded about Jerusalem carrying placards that read: “Bush Read Your Bible ... G-d gave Israel to the Jews.”

Now, Jews are wont to use the term “G-d” as a humble indication of the too awful, too great, too far-beyond anything we can fathom divinity of the unutterable Creator and Ruler of all that is.... It is the English version of FWRTKL or whatever H-'s unpronounceable name is. Yeah...but not so damn humble to tell us what He did, does, wants and deeds title to.

“G-d” my ass; and I know that there are sincere and devout orthodox Jews who would agree that such hypocrisy merits nothing but contemptuous disgust.

©WCG, 2008

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