Sunday, February 17, 2008

Olmert Tries to Wake up Sleeping Morons at the Times

Other than morons and the U.S. mudia.... was there anybody in the world who fell for the Annapolis Farce last November, when the Administration made a Big Push and lots of noise promising peace in Palestine before Bush left his throne? No. In fact the farce was so obvious, so boring and so irrelevant to reality, that it hardly got covered.

But in case anyone was too terminally stupid not to have figured out the sham, now comes Ehud Olmert who announced today to an audience of fanatically faithfull Jewish-American leaders that the goal of peace talks with Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, was to reach an understanding on "basic principles" for a Palestinian state by the end of 2008, rather than a fully-fledged agreement.

In other words deal in Bush's term. Got that Condi? No agreements on "specifics". In fact no agreement at all, except endless Israeli evasion under cover of crap for the stupid. Crap no doubt dished out in gob-fulls by the editors and word hacks at the Spew York Times.

Olmert also said on Sunday that the Israeli army had a "free hand" to target anyone in the Gaza Strip, particularly ruling Hamas members, to stop cross-border rocket fire.

Got that? "Anyone" To target "anyone" includes women and children, particularly if they are engaged in a "shopping spree" for food.

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