Monday, September 8, 2014

The Bright Side of Darkness

Chipsters were chatting among themselves the other day about our political leadership when someone remarked that, in his opinion, Obama had not wasted any time in going back on his campaign promises the day after he was sworn in.

That was hardly surprising, we replied.  Just because Obama was a Black man did not mean that he wasn’t ambitious.

Of course not.

And, it seemed to us, he had carefully set his sights and tacked his course, early on in college, so as to always compromise his position to a safe point of view.


Is there any politician in the the United States who does not know on which side his bread is buttered?

I doubt it...

Every one of them knows who and what forces rule the country, do they not?

For sure.

And that means that their political existence and purpose consists in serving those interests?

No doubt.

Then all the rest is simply variations of bullshit politicians use to appeal to and bamboozle their constituents.  If Mitch McConnell were to move to California and Barbara Boxer to Kentucky, they would simply switch their bullshit so as to conform to whatever sold in their new electoral location.

That’s depressing.

Depression shall make you free. 


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