Thursday, May 19, 2005


Two months after it was reported in the UK press (Independent.UK, 3/27/05), the news finally reached Murka’s isolated shores that some of our boys -- against the express and explicit orders of Donald Rumsfeld, to be sure -- had pulpified a 22 year old Afghani cab-driver.

For those not familiar with this latest addition to A'murka’s moral lexicon, let me elucidate. Bagram is a place where Murkan interrogators -- trained army thugs -- make hog-tied prisoners kiss their boots or, as the New York Times reported, “pick plastic bottle caps caps out of a drum mixed with excrement and water.” The Times did not see fit to print how the picking was done, but a little imagination will paint the picture.

It was into this sadistic Murkan jail that all of Dilawar’s 122 lbs were dragged and hanged from the ceiling, like so much meat, for four days straight, while he was “interrogated” with boots, clubs and fists. Guards thought it was funny to strike his knees just to hear him shout “Allah”.

After a couple of days, Dilawar began to babble. When he said he didn’t feel good, guards checked his pulse by jabbing their nails into his writs. His legs spasmed so badly he couldn’t walk or stand. A guard choked him with his hood and forced his head into a puddle of “water” to “hydrate” him.

After four days of this relentless “stress”, Dilawar went into cardiac arrest. The coroner reported that he had been beaten so badly the muscles in his thighs "had basically been pulpified." (You know, like orange juice....)

A day after this story broke on Murka’s shamed & sullied shores, CNN ballyhooed,


The article reported that the Sado-Punk-in-Chief was looking forward to meeting next week with Afghanistan's leader "to discuss freedom's remarkable progress" in the country that once harbored the al Qaeda terror network. President Punk, noted that the terrorists had been "dealt.. a series of devastating blows. In Afghanistan, we have brought to justice dozens of terrorists and insurgents [sic].” “We're helping Afghanistan's elected government solidify these democratic gains and deliver real change,” he said. “A nation that once knew only the terror of the Taliban is now seeing a rebirth of freedom, and we will help them succeed.”

CNN did not carry the Dilawar story.

Oh yes... Dilawar’s crime? He had a current regulator in the trunk of his car. They’re used to stabilize the current from electric generators.

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UPDATE 2008: Dilawar's story is part of a documentary exposing Murka's Dark Side (also [here])

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