Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Political Cancer

I have said many times before that Bush and gang are a monstrous excrescence. They are beyond being simply politicians pursuing misbegotten or bad policies. Johnson was a bad politician but even he held to some genuine good. There is nothing redeeming about the Bush Gang. They are distilled evil. They are repugnant thugs whose sole purpose -- whose lust -- is simply to pillage and destroy... everything: the earth, the economy, the rule of law, civil rights and even language itself. Not even animals howl like these animate things whose every utterance is shriek from the bowls of hell. They are Satan’s shit.

But even this doesn’t reach to the core of the matter. My epithets and hatred fall short. Two days ago it occurred to me: Bush is a political cancer that corrupts and consumes everything.

The correlative to the disgusted loathing I have felt for that Sack of Diseased Shit was the vexing question why the country should be so powerless against him. Why is Congress so supine, feeble and corrupt? So pimped and fucked that they can’t even formulate the question much less stand up principle? Sixty percent of the country is against the war, and all you all one can hear from the Demorats is that they will prosecute it better. The rest, if they think about it all, are like timid mice wondering if they “can dare” “be seen” to come out against a war that the majority has resolved against.

Yes -- congressoids are whores and the press is a bunch of pimps but to say as much is to focus on personalities not systemics. The more systemic question remains: why is the country so powerless against the onslaught of the Bush effluence and sewage? The answer: Because Bush is a cancer and, by definition, the body has no immunity against it. It corrupts and consumes, devours and destroys, and Murka wastes and dies. That is what’s going on.

©WCG, 2005

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