Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bounce Boxer!

To:-- San Francisco Chron

Re:-- The Resounding Failure of Barbara Boxer

I hope that Coakley gets soundly defeated and BOXER is next.

It is time for the American electorate to employ and for elected officials to experience PUNITIVE VOTING. Punitive voting is based on the very simply premise that politicians need to be punished precisely for giving us nothing to loose.

Boxer has been a disgrace. First off she's a hypocrite. On the same issue she sends me one type of response and sends a friend a completely opposite response. (Someone on her niche marketting team made a classification goof). Second, she ducks anything controversial. Tthe Chron's own reporters have told me she sneaks out the back door rather than face the (gasp!) press. Third she has kept mum during all the outrages & disgraces of the Bush years. Fourth, she has delivered ZERO on the progressive agenda

But you have to hand it to Boxer's "image consultant" - high rise turtle neck, wrist clasping cuffs, exquisitely streaked cascade of hair -- all blurring, hiding and blending away the sags and wrinkles of a 65 year old. She might almost pass for 40. Well done!!! IF ONLY she had spent a third as much effort on being a progressive. If only she had spent a tenth as much effort speaking out against Bush's depradations. If only she was something than a wannabe opportunist.

Americans need to stop being bought off with trickle-feed & fake promises. The people should demand that their will be respected, and the first step toward respect is FEAR. Vote to punish;

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