Thursday, January 21, 2010

Democratic Politicians Still Don't Get It

To:-- San Francisco Chronicle

Re:--Feinstein's Blather that people were all "confused" and "frightened" by Health Care Reform

If voters do no punish the democrats for their total failure to deliver, then voters will send a message that they can be duped and dumped on at will.

As usual, Democrats peddle something colored brown. Feinstein says people don't understand the health care bill. We are confused. NOT. Polls since 2005 consistently showed strong majority support for universal medicare / public option.

The only people "confused" were democrats like Feinstein.

In fact, single payer is a key part of creating jobs since it relieves business of having to shoulder the cost of health care. DUH.

Who cares what Boxer thinks. She talks all hip and groovy and liberal (when in SF) but fails to deliver. It's time to BOUNCE BOXER

We should not let the press confuse us about who we are and what we know. Running the demorats out of office is not the answer, it is only the beginning of a solution on the long for government BY and FOR the People.


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