Monday, January 18, 2010

Vote to Punish & Face the Dawn

It is time for Punitive Voting. It is time to punish the Democratic party for their grotesque betrayal of the voters who elected them to office. It is time for Martha Coakley to go down to ignominious defeat and for Barak Obama to suffer a humiliating rebuke.

The concept of Punitive Voting was first urged on these pages back in September 2008[ here ]. The concept of punitive voting is very simple: If we lose, YOU lose.

If we do not vote to punish, then we, the electorate forsake any control over our elected servants. They will learn that they they can lie to us to our face, stab us in the back and get away with it because we can be bought off with razzle-dazzle and can be frightened into fear of a Republican victory.

But the democrats have proved to us that we do in fact have nothing to lose. We have nothing to lose because they produced nothing. A Democrat majority produced no more than we would have gotten from a Republican congress. The way I see it, if you act like a Republican you should be treated like a Republican. We loose either way, so we might as well kick your sorry ass out.

In some ways the Democrats are even more despicable than Republicans. They sit smug and secure in the thought that our vote is assured because the alternative is "unthninkable". This cynical cant is much like a torturer saying that the pain can always get worse therefore we should be thankful he only hurts us less than he could.

But the truth is that at a certain level, all pain is the same and equally unbearable. That point has been reached. It is only necessary to grasp what a total, absolute, uncompromising failure the Democrat legislative record has been. The progressive agenda could not have been more soundly defeated than if 500 Newt Grinches had been elected to Congress.

It is unnecessary by now to recite the dismal record of Democrat and Obama betrayal. It has been a true stab in the back of the American people on every level and on every point from the environment, to civil liberties, to the economy, to perpetual war and, lastly, on health care.

The health care obscenity is paradigmatic. Obama and his 'crats rush about intoning that progress has been made, that now, at least, insurance companies can't reject applicants on account of pre-existing conditions. Oh praise da' L'od; his chariots they be a'comin. Well DUH -- if it is mandatory that we buy insurance, it follows that it is equally mandatory that the insurance companies accept our money. DUH, DUH and DUH. What's called "a piece of reform" is just the other side of a massive, forcible transfer of wealth from people's pockets into corporate coffers.

Take virtually any aspect of the Obama record and on close inspection it will be seen that what is trumpetted as "reform" or "incremental progressive progress" is nothing more than a rhetorical fig leaf over an actual neo-liberal and neo-con, pro-corporate, pro-war anti-people policies.

The only way to put an end to this is to put an end to the people who brought us to this; and this requires us to vote republican in order to punish -- and punish hard -- this smirking, smug, cowardly, democrat betrayal.

Back in '08 we chipsters at the Gazette did not push our call for punitive voting very hard. In fact, with the greatest scepticism and reluctance, we endorsed Obama's candidacy. We fully understood the perilous juncture to which the country had been brought. We also understood that the Neocon / Bush Cabal had so poisoned both political consciousness and discourse, that it was very risky for any politician to engage in a "frank and candid" protagonization of his contemplated policies. In our loins we grasped the determinism involved in any historical trajectory. America is what it is where it is and that calculus is fundamentally unalterable. Nevertheless, man can and must act as if he were free and a sort of patriotic decency dictated our endoresment and vote for a "hope".

That hope has now been most infamously betrayed... not in detail or in part... but wholesale with a frank hypocricy beyond precedent. It is time to punish the malfactors and teach them a lesson they will never forget.

We realize that it is a terrible thing to give up hope, and that most people will hold on to anything in order to hold on to hope. That is in fact precisely the cycnical calculus that underlies this Democratic Administration and Congress.

But the woodchippers would remind their millions of readers that the forsaking of one hope is simply the painful birth pangs of another. Voting to punish the ghouls within Washington's whitewashed sepulchre will be the first step in walking away from the political cemetery that this government has become and, with blinking eyes, to focus on distant but dawning horizons.

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